Elektroniskt fartreglage waterproof Visa full storlek

Elektroniskt fartreglage waterproof

Fartreglage med back vattensäkrat.

Sc- 15 wp

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495 kr

Motorer ner till 15 turn.

The waterproof SC-15WP electronic speed controller features a LiPo battery cut-off to make your driving time safe as well as fun! You can use a 6- or 7-cell NiMH battery, OR a 2S Lithium-Polymer battery for extra speed and power! The safety cut-off makes sure any LiPo battery isn''t discharged too much, extending its lifetime while protecting your batteries!

  • Waterproof!
  • 6- or 7-cell NiMH compatability
  • 2S LiPo compatability
  • LiPo safety cut-off
  • Standard battery plug
  • Dual bullet-style motor plugs


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