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Flux Vapor speed control

Flux Vapor speed control.

Orginal iFirestorm flux samt sprint 2 Flux.

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Get increased weatherproof performance with brushless or brushed motors with the Flux Vapor electronic speed controller from HPI!

The standard speed controller in the updated Sprint 2 Flux kits, the Flux Vapor features real Deans plugs for low-loss connectivity and sturdy brass tube connectors for connecting 12 gauge wires to any brushless or brushed motor. 

With a range of custom tuning possibilities, this is the ideal upgrade for any car or truck using brushed motors! 

  • 6-7 Cell NiMH/ NiCd or 2S LiPo 
  • Waterproof! 
  • Can handle 40% MORE power than Motiv ESC Ultra low resistance (.0007 ohms / phase) 
  • Sensorless technology eliminates additional sensor wiring and complexity 
  • Lithium-Ion Compatible. **Programmable Lithium under-voltage cutoff protects delicate lithium packs from over-discharge 
  • High performance cross-cut aluminum heat sink 
  • Smooth startup and run with sensorless motors (Patents Pending) 
  • Linear Torque Braking allows better control on corner entry
  • Connect to your PC


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