ELC-6S WATERPROOF ESC Visa full storlek


1/8th scale waterproof sensorless brushless speed control.

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When you need to strap in more power for your 1/8th scale vehicle, the HPI ELC-6S should be at the top of your list! It's the ideal speed controller to rely on for any on- or off-road vehicle that's going to be driven hard in all conditions. 

The ELC-6S is perfect for monster trucks, buggies and any other RC vehicle that you may want to drive in the rain, through puddles and anywhere you like. It's fitted with 2 official Deans connectors so you can fit two batteries (1S, 2S or 3S) batteries for massive acceleration, maximum fun and awesome speed! 

Input voltage: MIN 2s LiPo, MAX 6s LiPo
Max continuous amperage: 120A (full throttle continuous operation with cooling airflow)
BEC specifications: User selectable output between 5 and 7 volts
Operating environment: Waterproof* design allows for use in nearly any environment.
Brake: Proportional
Reversible: Yes - with lockout
Size: L 47mm (1.86"), W 56mm (2.19"), H 34mm (1.33")
Weight (without battery connector soldered to ESC): 111.5 g (3.93 oz)

Make sure to rinse off dirt and any corrosive liquids like saltwater after you drive your car or truck, and make sure that other electronics fitted to the vehicle (servo, motor, etc.) are safe to use in wet conditions, or that they are fully enclosed and protected from water and moisture (such as a receiver/battery case). The fan is not water resistant, and we recommend to disconnect the fan from the ESC before driving in wet conditions.


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